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Suggestions are welcome and encouraged! (I WILL give you credit)
You can send me a simple description of your moment and I can get the screencap, or you can submit the image yourself if you have one! <3

Vote for your favourite Sailor Moon item!


Your nominees:

A) Tuxedo Mask’s roseimage

B) The Holy Grailimage

C) The Moon Stickimage

D) Ail’s Fluteimage

E) The Spiral Heart Moon Rodimage

F) The Garnet Orbimage

G) The Deep Aqua Mirrorimage

H) The Kaleidomoon Scopeimage

I) The Silence Glaiveimage

J) The Tiarasimage

K) Mamoru’s pocket watch


Please vote by July 28th so that I can make a nice big featured post for the winner on the last day of the month! 

You can vote by replying to this post or sending me a message.

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Finished both paintings today, so no sense waiting until tomorrow to post the giveaway!

Here it is, I Believe in it Miracle Romance’s FIRST GIVEAWAY!! 

I know a lot of people have had giveaways lately and they’ve been offering some pretty awesome stuff that I can’t really compete with. So I decided to make some original art and giveaway that instead!

The top painting is entitled Final Kiss, and the bottom painting is entitled Lone Soldier.

There are three prizes:

First place gets to choose whichever of the two paintings in the above pictures that they would like to have.

Second place gets the other painting.

And third place has a choice of either a drawing or manga colouring of their favourite Sailor Moon character!


Must be following me, as this is to thank my awesome followers!

Likes and reblogs both count, reblog as often as you want. I’ll be using a random number generator to select the winners.

You have to have asks open so I can let you know if you’ve won, and you have to be comfortable giving me your address so I can send your prize to you.

The giveaway ends on May 18th. 

I’ll ship to anywhere in the world but it will be standard shipping so if you live far from Ontario Canada, I’m sorry but you will have to wait a little while to receive your prize. 

These are high quality canvases, 8”x8” and about an inch and a half thick. 

Hope you like the art, and best of luck to all of you!

I’m sorry this blog has kind of died off… it’s hard to keep up with! Since I’m back on summer maybe I’ll start it up again.

But for now, please check out this giveaway I’m having on my main blog!

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I just realized that I have somehow still been gaining followers on this blog despite completely neglecting it for months.

Things have been really busy lately and my computer is getting old so going through the effort of making posts for this blog has been pretty low in my priorities. 


if you have any suggestions, send me an ask and I will definitely make it right away!

Otherwise, as you probably know by now, you can follow me at ibelieveinitmiracleromance for more Sailor Moon goodies. Every month I feature something different about Sailor Moon and make a post daily based on that feature. This month it was songs, so go ahead and check it out!

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I’m so sorry for neglecting this blog!

School has been so busy it’s hard enough keeping up one blog…

I will start posting here again perhaps in time for the Christmas break so you can still send in suggestions of course!

Otherwise, if you don’t know already, I do run another Sailor Moon blog, ibelieveinitmiracleromance , so you can feel free to follow that if you so desire!

<3 Katie

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Which Monster of the Day earns the title of being the scariest?


The winning MoTD will get an extra special post on Halloween!

Respond to this post with your vote based on the MoTDs that have been nominated!


A) The Prototype Daimon

B) Murido

C) Mawashitarou

D) Bunbo

E) Jiji

F) Morga

G) Scar

H) Gesen

I) Cenicienta

I’ve been neglecting this blog a lot lately because it gets a bit difficult to go through episodes and make the captions and all when school gets busy… but also because I have been spending a lot of time on the above project on my main blog! 

Check out my Featured Monster of the Day posts for some fun and scary Sailor Moon moments/characters!

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List of Sailor Moon Blogs Participating in Tumblr Trick or Treat



Here are just the few I found while looking through the tag. Feel free to add your or others’ blogs!


Have you all heard about Tumblr Trick or Treat? I’m participating on my main blog, but you can send me asks here too if you want.

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